Tuesday, 13 May 2008

We have our new space!

15 The Arcade
Bs1 3JA



This weekend we moved into our four-floor space along
Broadmead's Arcade. It really is a unique space with the
ground floor having this huge window and the bottom two
floors having been previously used as an old jewelers.
From the third floor up, however, it is a different story.
The tiny, bare wood spiraled stair case takes you to a
room who's only inhabitant of the last decade has been a
pigeon. Then you move on to the top, bare wood attic
floor and it is hard to imagine that a building could have
retained so many classic original features as one in this
part of town, especially considering the facad.

The space will be opening with a host of different events
on Thursday 19th of June, so please check the blog for



Gill said...

Hi there R and H
the space looks great and I want to say much I admire your energy in making it happen
Gill (alias person)

kunte said...


ahugefan said...

This is fantastic! I think you will soon be world famous trillionaires - so rich in fact, that you would probably buy your mum a cosy little villa somewhere around the Mediterranean.

Steve said...

Hello Rhys & Hannah,
This is Steve Wright from Venue. I'd like to do something on your opening on 19 June in the mag - do you have any details for it yet? Eg opening events and times / first exhibition, description and dates? And perhaps an image or two?

Let me know on s.wright@venue.co.uk

Thanks! Hope this is a great success.