Monday, 15 December 2008

Window 1 + 2

For pics of Oliver Sutherland's tischtennis installation, click
the man with the Big Issue hi-vis and you will be transported
into his body and be given his eyes.

For pics of Rob Chervasse's arctic blast installation, click
the man stuck in the storm.

For pictures of people enjoying them selves at the two
private views, click the men with ironic facial hair.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

goodbye space HELLO SPACES!


It seems like only yesterday I was stood back watching as
Hannah swept away years of pigeon poop, but, sadly, our
time at 15 The Arcade has come to an end. We thought
we'd go out with a bang, though, and end with something
that etches the artist-led ethos deep!

So, as, come the end of December, our artist-led space is no
more, we're hosting projects from artist-led
Blackpool Museum of Contemporary Art
, Eastside Projects
(Birmingham) and Royal Standard (Liverpool), with
an accompanying fanzine publication with contributions from
all of the above, Form Content (London), Moot (Nottingham),
(Norwich),and S1 (Sheffield) with an introductory piece
by Marie-Anne Macquay, curator of Spike Island, Bristol.

There will be alot of representatives from the various spaces
so make sure you come and pick their brians. And see art.


Private View: Friday 12th December 7-9pm
Open: Saturday 13th December - Sunday 14th December 12-6pm

Window Show update! It broke.

After 7 days of magic, Rob's installation has, we're affraid to
say, given up. For those who managed to see it last week, you'll
know that for a storm to last 7 days in a shop, something
was going to have to give. And it did. Sorry if anyone was
planning to see it this weekend, but pictures from both
Window installations will be up here very soon.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Window Show Artists have been selected!

Oliver Sutherland
Installation 1 Preview: Friday 21st November 7-9pm
(Saturday 22nd November - Monday 24th November 10am-6pm)

Robert Chavasse
Installation 2: Preview: Friday 28th November 7-9pm
(Saturday 29th November - Sunday 7th December times to come soon!)

New Intern!

Benny Casey, one of last year's Fine Art graduates from
UWE, Bristol, will be joining current intern Jamie Bracken
Lobb in our top floor studio until the end of December.
He also has a show coming up at the Star and Dove Contemporary
this week as part of a graduate award show alongside
fellow graduate Huw Good. That opens at 6pm this Thursday.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008



(this image is from the Clap Your Hands Say Show in September)

Rhys & Hannah Present…


Window is an opportunity for artists to show at Rhys &
Hannah Present in November. Artists have the opportunity
to make an application to exhibit using the large window
on our ground floor, with special attention being placed
on the artwork being viewed, solely, from the outside. This
window faces the pedestrianised Arcade walkway in
Bristol’s Broadmead City Centre, an area that has up
150 000 weekly users.

We will be selecting two proposals for
installations/artworks from applicants that best meet
the potential of the large window and subsequent area
behind, and also engage with the high amount of potential
viewers. Applications for Window can be in any media and
must be received by email at 5pm Friday 7th of
Applications must include:

1. Up to 6 jpeg images of work/work in progress important
to your proposal (though please keep each image around
100-500kb to save our inbox)

2. A proposal of up to 500 words outlining how you’d
make best use of opportunity

3. A recent CV

Applicants will be selected throughout the week starting
Monday 10th of November.

The first show will open on Friday 21st November
and run until Monday 24th November

The second show will open on Friday 28th November
and run until Sunday 7th December

Dimensions are: 255cm x 190cm

Please send all applications or any questions to

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Emma and Ellen's show!

Pictures from their show are up. Click

Pictures from their opening are up. Click

Monday, 20 October 2008

all over (bar the shouting).

Our new show is from Emma Ridley & Ellen Wilkinson,
the two artists selected to use the studio space upstairs in
Rhys & Hannah Present.

Their Private View is on Wednesday.
Wednesday 22nd.
That's this Wednesday!



Plan 9 Private View and goodbye Lucy B drinks.

This Thursday is going to be a busy one. We all must
go and see Chris Barr's curatorial bash at Plan 9, then
we all must give Lucy B the sending off she deserves
down at Spike Island. Clicky clicky for links.

p.s. that pic above is Lady Lucy's portrait of Lucy B.

Plain old opening, Plain old documentation.

Plain by name but not Plain by nature. Click below for
Jamie Walling's curatorial effort.

Opening pics will appear tomorrow too, here's one
we managed to upload.

Monday, 6 October 2008


Our next show is called Plain. It was curated by Jamie
Walling and it is the second of our two intern shows.
This one opens on Friday night at 7pm and you are all
invited. After that, of course, it is open from 12-6pm on
Saturday 11th of October - Sunday 12th of October
and then
Thursday 16th October - Sunday 19th October

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Eskimo boys document their show

BLUBBER, the show curated by our intern Jamie Bracken
Lobb, click on the picture below. It was pretty good.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

...and their private views.

Try and spot an eskimo in this crowd. Then click on the
picture to see the rest of the private view pictures.

Monday, 22 September 2008



Myles Donaldson
Alex Frost
Jamie Bracken Lobb
Tim Machin
Martine Myrup

Private View Thursday 25th September 7-9pm
Friday 26th September - Sunday 28th September, 12-6pm
(Then open through appointment by contacting Jamie on until Sunday 5th October)

Our new show and first show from either an intern or studio 
holder at Rhys & Hannah Present opens this Thursday night. 
That's Thursday the 25th and it is the show curated by 
Jamie Bracken Lobb.

Pictures of Clap Your Hands Say!

If you click on the picture of Nous Vous' installation 
Hot Sausage, you'll be able to see images of all the work 
from the Clap Your Hands Say.  W'hay.


Monday, 15 September 2008

Clap Your Hands Say Private View Pictures.

click the picture above to link it away to the Private View.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Clap Your Hands's our new show!


Saturday 13th September - Sunday 14th September 12-6pm
Thursday 18th September - Sunday 21st September 12-6pm

Sovay Berriman
William Bishop-Steven
James Pearson-Howes

curated by Rhys Coren

Documentation and Opening snapshots

Documentation of Kieran Brown's solo show are hiding
in a link. To get the link that links the link, click the picture

For snapshots of the Private View, click this word here --> link

Friday, 22 August 2008

Next Show!


Rhys & Hannah Present are proud to announce that up next
we have undisputed king of nothing, the solo show from
Bristol based artist Kieran Brown.

The private view is 7-9pm on Friday the 29th of August and
we'd very much like you to be there!

The show will then be open from:
Saturday 30th August - Sunday 31st August 12-6pm
Thursday 4th September - Sunday 7th August 12-6pm

For a look at Kieran's work follow the grey words below.

o p e n e n d e d show

The second part of the o p e n e n d e d exchange exhibition
has come to an end. The show saw 6 Manchester based artists
exhibit in Rhys & Hannah Present through August. For
images of the show please click the image above and for
images of the private view please click on these grey words
here ---> private views

o p e n e n d e d has its very own website dedicated to the
ongoing exchange of exhibitions and will soon be updated
with a text from the show written by Marie-Anne McQuay
of Spike Island, Bristol. To see that and to learn more about
o p e n e n d e d please follow the link to their website by
clicking on this grey word --> o p e n e n d e d

Monday, 4 August 2008

O P E N E N D E D at Rhys & Hannah Present

Friday 8th - Sunday 10th August 12-6pm
Thursday 14th - Sunday 24th August 12-6pm
Private View: Thursday 7th August 7-9pm

Mike Ferguson
Gary Fisher

Stuart Edmundson
Sarah Hardacre
Magnus Quaife
Maeve Rendle

o p e n e n d e d is a series of exchange exhibitions initiated
by Manchester artist Maeve Rendle taking place, initially,
between Manchester, Bristol and London.

This the second exhibition of the series and it sees 6 artists
from Manchester exhibiting in Bristol. If you click the image
above you will be taken to the o p e n e n d e d website and
press release for this leg of the series.

The website is also pretty informative of the whole exchange
and has documentation of the first exhibition which saw 5
artists from Bristol show in Manchester's Rogue Studios
project space over the weekend of their open studios... so be
sure to have a look see.

Cheers and we'll see you on Thursday night at 7pm!
for the o p e n e n d e d o p e n i n g
(the address is over there------>and up a bit /\)

Clouds blog

We've set up a separate link for Clouds and it contains
documentation from the show Hannah curated in July. If
you click the picture below it will take you there.


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Clouds private view photos v new Studio Holders & Interns

click the picture below for
Clouds Private view photographs.

We also have our studio holders and interns sorted. Why is
this important? Well, all 4 are our favourite recent graduates
from Fine Art or Art and Visual Culture at Univeristy West
of England. Also, each will get the opportunity to use the
space. The studio holders will be awarded with a show in
October, whilst the intern boys will be using the space to
organise a variety of shows/events/projects come the end
of September, early October.

Emma Ridley
Ellen Wilkinson

Jamie Brachen Lobb
Jamie Walling

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Braço de Ferro residency!

Friday 18th July - Sunday 29th July
Meet Braço de Ferro drinks Saturday 19th July (probably cups of tea)
4pm - 6pm

Next up we have a residency. For the next few weeks, as
part of the mass migration of Portugues artists and Portuguese
art to Spike Island for the Part-ilha exhibition, Rhys & Hannah Present
will host Braço de Ferro (BdF), an independent small press publisher
based in Portugal and run by the artist Isabel Carvalho and designer
Pedro Nora. BdF's editions focus on book-form artistic projects, artist's
books, catalogues, monographies, critical essays in the fields of
contemporary thinking, art and design.

We've leant them some tables, chairs, a printer, perhaps even
the odd pritt stick, some bikes and some internet and they're
going to use the residency to make a publication. And, over
the next few weeks, our doors will be open and they'll greet
you with a Portuguese smile.

Click the constructive triangles below for a link to their
blog for more information on what they do.

Saturday, 28 June 2008



The Big Art Draw photos.


With over 30 bits of artwork available to be won over 4 floors,
people delved deep into their pockets to find the couple of quid
needed for a go on our raffley lucky dip set up. Then Chris Wright
and Victoria Bolt (who also both contributed work to the show)
played some dancing music. We've compiled a selection of pics of
most of the work from the show along with some pictures from
when someone slipped SL2's on a ragga tip on.













For a look at pictures from the Private View, click here.
Thanks to all the artists, laptop DJs and lucky dip contestants.