Friday, 22 August 2008

Next Show!


Rhys & Hannah Present are proud to announce that up next
we have undisputed king of nothing, the solo show from
Bristol based artist Kieran Brown.

The private view is 7-9pm on Friday the 29th of August and
we'd very much like you to be there!

The show will then be open from:
Saturday 30th August - Sunday 31st August 12-6pm
Thursday 4th September - Sunday 7th August 12-6pm

For a look at Kieran's work follow the grey words below.

o p e n e n d e d show

The second part of the o p e n e n d e d exchange exhibition
has come to an end. The show saw 6 Manchester based artists
exhibit in Rhys & Hannah Present through August. For
images of the show please click the image above and for
images of the private view please click on these grey words
here ---> private views

o p e n e n d e d has its very own website dedicated to the
ongoing exchange of exhibitions and will soon be updated
with a text from the show written by Marie-Anne McQuay
of Spike Island, Bristol. To see that and to learn more about
o p e n e n d e d please follow the link to their website by
clicking on this grey word --> o p e n e n d e d

Monday, 4 August 2008

O P E N E N D E D at Rhys & Hannah Present

Friday 8th - Sunday 10th August 12-6pm
Thursday 14th - Sunday 24th August 12-6pm
Private View: Thursday 7th August 7-9pm

Mike Ferguson
Gary Fisher

Stuart Edmundson
Sarah Hardacre
Magnus Quaife
Maeve Rendle

o p e n e n d e d is a series of exchange exhibitions initiated
by Manchester artist Maeve Rendle taking place, initially,
between Manchester, Bristol and London.

This the second exhibition of the series and it sees 6 artists
from Manchester exhibiting in Bristol. If you click the image
above you will be taken to the o p e n e n d e d website and
press release for this leg of the series.

The website is also pretty informative of the whole exchange
and has documentation of the first exhibition which saw 5
artists from Bristol show in Manchester's Rogue Studios
project space over the weekend of their open studios... so be
sure to have a look see.

Cheers and we'll see you on Thursday night at 7pm!
for the o p e n e n d e d o p e n i n g
(the address is over there------>and up a bit /\)

Clouds blog

We've set up a separate link for Clouds and it contains
documentation from the show Hannah curated in July. If
you click the picture below it will take you there.